Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is why I don't get along with gay people...

...is this for real?

Also, yes I suck for not blogging for the past 100 years. I've seriously started and not finished an update post a half dozen times in the past two months. The short story: I have a new apartment that I love and a new job that I also love. All is well.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I realized something recently: since I got a job, I've done very little writing. My job was pretty writing intensive, but press releases are not particularly taxing on my creativity, and in the past two and a half years I haven't written much that would help me get a job doing anything other than writing more press releases. I mean, I do eventually want a job with a focus on more creative writing than what I've been doing, and the only way that's going to happen is if I actually do more writing and put it up somewhere, even if that somewhere is on Blogger (or Wordpress...we're getting to that).

Plus, while I love my little blog, and I don't mind writing about myself, it makes me pretty uncomfortable to write about anyone else I know. I know I only have six readers and I never use real names, but it squicks me out a bit. And would I really be able to point a potential employer to my blog so they could read all about how an ultrasound technician gave me a hard on? Awkward. So I'm not shutting this blog down, but I am starting a new one. I have a name for it and a new posting nick and a picture of pizza (you'll see) and everything. I'm going to try to update on the daily and make it (hopefully) fun and interesting and maybe even informative? I don't know...that's the problem that I'm having. I don't know what my blog should be about. I know a lot about pop culture, but the last thing the world needs is another blog about Paris and Britney (in fact, the only thing I do know is that I'm going make a concerted effort to never write about either of those ladies). I know a bit about politics, but do I know enough to gasbag about it on a daily basis? And am I a good enough writer to keep a blog about Canadian politics entertaining? I could write about Canadian media in general, but I'm not very nice, and since I work (or should I say "am hoping to once again work") in Canadian media, maybe that's not the best idea. I could write about television, but again, how does one distinguish himself from the zillion other blogs on the same subject?

I'm not looking to be the next Perez or anything, and I don't need to make a living off the thing, but at the very least I need to regain some of my confidence in my writing skills. I mean, if I want to write, I should really...you know...write. So Hot Circle of Garbage (yeah, that's right) will be a place for me to write, and maybe even a place for other people to read my writing. I've actually told people in my RL about it, so that's something.

Anyway, once I think of a topic, you will begin to see posts, and maybe those posts will entertain you in some way. Like I said, I hope to still post here about my daily goings on and such (or bi-monthly goings on as the case may be), but you will hopefully be able to find me in my new home talking shit about all sorts of stuff. Just as soon as I figure out what that stuff is going to be.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Nobody is giving you $100,000 to leave the house"

I can't really watch The Hills anymore because it's gotten so ridiculous/stupid/fake(uh...faker). (Plus, they were making me hate Lo.) Still, this clip of Spencer on Letterman is so, so good. Could not be better.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Effin' Eh


It's just a stupid current events quiz, but I take it faithfully every Friday and my average score is probably three or four, so this is exciting [aj: for not one single person other than me]. The questions are usually ridiculously obscure, so I don't know if they were easier this week or I'm reading more news in my unemployment [aj: it's both] but I'm still impressed with myself.

And yes, this is what I'm doing with my Friday night. Does it make it better or worse that there's a glass of pinot about four inches from my right hand?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't call it a comeback

So, I haven’t been around for a while. Here’s the short version of what I’ve been up to:

I’m unemployed.

Here’s the longer version: everyone knows I hate my job. That’s not a secret to anyone, including my employers. I’m looking for other work, and one of the places I apply to happens to be owned by a friend of my boss. The job is basically exactly the same as the one I’m already doing, except the company has an exceptional reputation in the industry, the pay is way better and I would (presumably) have the motivation to actually put some effort into my work. The owner of the company is very interested in interviewing me, but uncomfortable with the idea of sort of going behind my boss’ back to do it, so she tells me that if I want to interview with her, I have to tell my boss.

Uh huh. So…right. So this could clearly blow up in my face, right?

Well, why the fuck not? I hate my job, and if this is the beginning of the end, then even if things end horribly, there’s still a bright side, as far as I’m concerned.

So I tell my boss, and he takes some time to think about it before eventually giving me his blessing. We actually have a really good talk about this, and the word “timeline” comes up. I tell him I’d like to have something within a couple months, he’s vague about how long he’d like me to stay.

So I set up the interview, which takes a bit of time, but when the big day finally rolls around, things go…pretty well. I don’t know, I’m not good at interviews really (like really not good), but I have a lot of relevant experience, and I know I didn’t bomb it by any means. But it happens, and she tells me she has a couple more people to interview early next week, and she’ll have a decision then. Hooray!

So the date when I’m supposed to hear back comes and goes. I follow up, she had to reschedule something, and thus begins an incredibly long, tedious process of back-and-forth emailing. She has some follow up questions, and I’m more than eager to make a good impression, but the process is slow. The new decision date that she gives me also comes and goes. She’s busy, then she’s waiting on something, but she’ll definitely be making offers next week. And that’s the last I heard from her, three weeks ago.

See, the one good thing about the way she handled things is that if you’re looking to get away from extremely unprofessional, generally crappy, disrespectful behaviour in your job, then you don’t feel as bad about not getting a job where your potential boss is a total dick about the way she doesn’t hire you. “Thanks for your time and interest, but we decided to go with someone else.” Is that so hard? It took me 5 seconds to type that, so I don’t think she just got too busy to let me know.

Oh, did I forget to mention that while I was waiting to hear back from this woman, my boss told me to shit or get off the pot?

I mean, it was worded a little bit nicer than that, but basically, he found someone else that he wanted to hire (actually not true, he wanted to bring someone on as a free intern, but he didn’t want to buy another desk, and also, he didn’t tell me that he was bringing in a replacement; I heard about it after I left), so I was told I had to commit to staying or commit to leaving. This was about three weeks after our initial conversation about me leaving, by the way. So when I told him my timeline was two months, it would have been nice for him to tell me that his timeline was three weeks, but whatever. When I was presented with the option, it didn’t even occur to me that there was a choice. “Commit to staying” was not something that I was prepared to consider. The pay was atrocious, my coworkers were (for the most part) awful, no one knew what was going on half the time, and no one really gave a shit. Also, my immediate superior was a total fucking whackjob. Like, Dwight Schrute crossed with a four year old. Like, on a good day, he would throw a tantrum when people phoned him after 4pm. On a good day. So I came up with my worst case scenario and “working here” seemed worse than “working nowhere” and I quit not knowing whether I would get the new job. Turns out I didn’t, and here we are. Unemployed!

I wish I could coherently convey my feelings about the entire thing. The story is actually longer than this, and I spent most of the time since my first contact with the potential employer being alternately hopeful and frustrated (but mostly really, really frustrated. Getting an email telling you that your boss wants you to quit your job is less than fun). Right now I feel relieved about getting out of an awful job that made me miserable and depressed, but also completely terrified about not being able to find something else. As I mentioned above, job interviews are not my forte, so while I’m getting better at them, I’m still not great. And the previous job didn’t leave me “savings” so much as it left me with “debt” so I’m relying on my parents for the next little while, who are wonderful, but really, shouldn’t need to support their 26 year old son. My anxiety level has been through the roof for the past few weeks, and I know it’s weird for me to say that it’s worth it, but seriously you guys, my job was so bad. Just a constant, non-stop drain on my energy, my confidence, my sanity. No matter how things turn out, the meager paycheque wasn’t worth the constant state of anxiety, frustration and depression that I had to deal with. I’m dealing with the new bullshit better than I was dealing with the old bullshit, so in spite of everything, this is still a positive turn of events.

In other news, I met a boy! We’ve been dating for…shit, I’m supposed to know this type of thing, aren’t I? Three weeks? Four weeks? I don’t know, but he’s adorable and hilarious and we have fun together and he takes my mind off of all the other shit I’ve been dealing with lately. We haven’t had the “are you my boyfriend” talk yet, but I like him a lot and I hope he sticks around.

Also, unemployment gives me plenty of time to blog more now, so it looks like the real winner in this whole situation is you, dear reader.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh, Canada

Dear Tom Lukiwski,

How are Canadians supposed to feel smugly superior to the US when you're running around saying shit like this?

Thanks a lot, fuckface.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


How many 14 and 15 year old boys does a 24-year-old woman have to sleep with before she's treated like a legitimate sexual predator?

Apparently more than five.